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Kim is a senior loan officer with Midwest Family Lending and has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. She began her real estate career as an agent. Her desire to help her clients get the best financing available prompted her to move into the mortgage industry. She has built a successful business on referrals from former customers, realtors, and friends by providing the same "Executive Service" that you can expect when you call her. The most important loan is YOUR loan! Call Kim, and get the process of owning your new home started today!

•"Commitment to Excellence!"
•One of the leading loan officers in the Sioux City area!
•15 years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage industry!

Our local Sioux City and Siouxland Area office is conveniently located in Sioux City, IA.

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In July of 2010 I was excited to be purchasing my first home. I was nervous about the process of getting a loan and wasn’t sure of all of the in’s and outs that came along with it. I had a great realtor, but was struggling with who to use for the Mortgage part of the process. A friend of mine suggested trying Midwest Family Lending, and specifically mentioned Kim. I talked with Kim and liked her immediately. From day one, she was an amazing, easy to work with and an extremely professional person in every aspect of her position. She explained my options, after taking all of my necessary information, and walked me through all of the steps of the loan experience, explaining in detail what I was to expect with the purchase of my home. The process of buying a home can be so stressful and usually presents several challenges. Kim made my process incredibly easy, fast, professional and actually fun. She was very upfront about all of the documentation I would need and so when it came time to send my information into underwriting, we only received two conditions to close. It was so quick and I was able to close with no changed dates or problems. Kim was amazing, she knows what she is doing and makes the process of paperwork, documentation and all aspects of getting a home loan seem simple and fun. After the loan was closed and my home was purchased, I figured that I probably wouldn’t hear from Kim again. That was not the case at all. Kim really gets to know her customers and would call and check in with me from time to time and see how everything was going. It was so nice to know that I actually mattered to her, not just her getting another loan closed. Earlier this year, Kim called me to talk about how rates had dropped and how I may be able to refinance to lower my payment and go from an FHA to a Conventional without the cost of PMI every month. Once again, Kim did not disappoint me. She answered all my questions, day or night, called with updates and told me upfront what all I would need to provide for the process to go smoothly. The refinance was a great experience as well, and once again in a situation that is usually stressful and time consuming, Kim made easy, very quick and fun for me. I have been fortunate enough to work with Kim twice now over the past three years and have found her to be such a great resource, person, and overall a professional that really understands her customers for the people they are, not just what they want or need as far as a mortgage loan goes. I have given her name to several of my friends and family and will be a customer of Kim’s for life. My experience with her has been stellar and I’m so glad I chose to work with her. She is an outstanding Mortgage professional and a terrific person and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to buy or refinance." ~ Denise