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A Silver Lining in the Regulatory Cloud

Thursday, January 21, 2016

In the midst of the Know Before You Owe or TRID rule implementation which she says "devoured the industry's bandwidth," Faith Schwartz, Corelogic's Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, finds some reasons to cheer and to buck the industry current of CFPB bashing.

Writing in the company's Insights blog, Schwartz says that, while innovation has taken a backseat to compliance as the housing finance industry coped with new rules and regulations, "not all the changes that regulators have wrought have been negative.  In fact, some might be setting the stage for future innovation."

It was CFPB (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) that delivered TRID. She said, but the ideas behind it are laudable over time, making the mortgage process more transparent and understandable.  CFPB is also one of the biggest advocates of e-closings which the mortgage industry has talked about for years but hasn't yet achieved.  Hopefully the pilot study the bureau is conducting will demonstrate their value to consumers and industry and bring closer the day of simple and paperless closings.


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